Challenges Faced by Young People in Securing Jobs or Engaging in Self-Employment

Over a billion young people live their ordinary lives in the world today. This number increases annually, as well as the number of problems adolescents face daily. It is important to mention that adolescence is the transition period between childhood and adulthood, and it has its gaps and problems.

One of such issues is unemployment.

While youth around the whole world face problems with unemployment, the Asia-Pacific adolescents suffer even more due to problems with education, health, and economics. Statistics show that from 30 to 75 percent of all Asia-Pacific unemployed youth have been out of work for more than one year.

These are the problems young people meet in securing jobs or engaging in self-employment:

  • Irrelevant education. Social-economic inequalities and rural-urban disparities have become the main problem of getting a relevant education, as most universities are far from students' places of living. Sometimes young people have no opportunity to attend colleges and universities at all.
  • A lack of experience. If you want to get a good job position, you need to have experience in this niche. Most employers look for proficient workers only.
  • Lack of skills. The Asia-Pacific region has many schools, colleges, and universities, but the quality of education here is often not enough to acquire strong skills. This is another problem why grads can't get a good job.
  • No contacts. Nowadays you need to network to get a job. Employers try to hire freshmen with recommendations.
  • Twisted reality. At the age of 19-21, young people face a psychosocial crisis based on their personal identity and role confusion. It has become hard to realize it is time to leave your family and start living on your own. In short, adolescents need to overcome this obstacle to find a job.

Do adolescents have a way out? We recommend you to draw inspiration from the experience of young people who succeed.

Sheila M., restaurant administrator

I have started my career as a part-time waiter. It was difficult to work and study, but I did my best. Sometimes I used to have night shifts to work more, so my employers would see my strong desire to work. It has been two years since I work as an administrator here: Don't be afraid of hard work.

Erin K., freelance writer

My dream was to become a writer. I had sent my CV to many publishing companies, but I received negative answers only. Then I realized that the lack of experience is nothing if you are ready to work hard. That is how I have found the guys from Bid4papers, was inspired by the header image on their website: write my essay (the one with crossed legs). That was my first writing job. It was the way to not only improve my skills but earn money. Now I have a brilliant portfolio!

Louis B., designer

Once I have found a school for designers at, I've improved my skills immediately. I have spent a year visiting this school, but now my portfolio is so well-organized that I have many orders on a freelance basis. Don't hesitate to improve your skills! It's worth it!

Great success is possible to achieve in overcoming the problems young people face while securing jobs.

Here's what you can do:

  • Practice your skills online.
  • Participate in career guidance programs.
  • Visit career fairs.
  • Sign up for MOOCs.
  • Share experience with others.
  • Win new friends.

To overcome all above-mentioned problems, young people need to make efforts. Obviously, it is hard to find a good job position, but rolling up your sleeves is the best way not to suffer from unemployment in the future.

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