The Pacific Youth Council is a non governmental regional organization that empowers young people to become active citizens and leaders.


We are a platform for the interests, needs and development of young people of the Pacific region.
General Assembly

In accordance with the PYC constitution, the General Assembly must take place every 3 years and this has continued to be a major challenge for the Council but nevertheless the Council has managed to host 4 Assemblies since 1996:

The 1st PYC General Assembly was held in Noumea, New Caledonia in 1996

The 2nd PYC General Assembly was held in Nadi, Fiji 2000.

The 3rd PYC General Assembly was held in Papeete, French Polynesia, July, 2006.

The 4th Pacific Youth Council General Assembly was held in Suva, July 2009.

Last General Assembly Minutes

  1. The GA session was done in one day. The agenda was as follows:
    • Roll Call
    • Executive Workplan Report
    • Adoption of Workplan
    • Adoption of Constitutions reforms
    • Elections
    • Vote of Thanks
    • Reflections
    • Group Photo.
  2. Roll Call - The following countries were present:
    • Members: Cooks Islands, Solomons Is, Nauru, Niue, Tuvalu, Tonga and Marshall Is.
    • Non Members: Kiribati, Vanuatu, Samoa, Fiji, Northern Mariannas.
  3. Executive Workplan 2006-2009
  4. 3.1 As the workplan was explained in detail on Monday, a summarized version was distributed to recap. Annex One.

  5. PYC Workplan 2009-2012
  6. 4.1 The facilitator Jacque Koroi asked the NYC's who would need immediate training under "Strengthening National Youth Councils" All NYC's countries agreed they needed training.

    4.2 The adoption of the Pacific Youth Council Strategic Plan and Workplan 2009-2012 was moved by Tonga to be adopted as the Councils workplan and seconded by the Cook Islands National Youth Council.

  7. Adoption of Constitution Reforms
  8. 5.1 The session was facilitated by Mr Ken Averr . Ken recapped on the changes from the previous days discussions. Nuks from Cooks Islands sought clarification on Point 6.10 of the of the revised constitution. No major changes were made and he called for the adoption of the workplan.

    5.2 The revised constitution to be adopted was moved by Niue and seconded by Tuvalu.

  9. Elections
  10. 6.1. This process was facilitated by Ken Avare (Lawyer) , Rose Maebiru (SPC) , Yeshe Smith AusAID PLP) and Natalia P (UNESCO). The process involved nominations for the various position followed by secret ballot vote. The positions included: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and 3 Executive Members.

    6.2. The voting countries included: Cooks Islands, Solomons Is, Nauru, Niue, Tuvalua, Tonga and Marshall Is.

    6.3. The position of Chair had two nominations:

    • Ina (Nuie) was nominated by Tonga and seconded by Cooks
    • Alaipuke nominated by Solomons and seconded by Melei (Tuvalu).
    • Jacque K declined nomination.
    • Voting results: Nuie-3 votes and Tonga (4 votes)

    6.4. The position of Vice Chair:

    • Ina nominated by Tonga and seconded by Tuvalu.
    • Theresa (Samoa) nominated by Nauru and seconded (Nuks) Cooks.
    • Nuks P and Jacque K declined nominations.
    • Voting results: Ina (Niue)-5 votes and (Samoa) Theresa-2 votes

    6.5. For the position of Treasurer.

    • CMNI was nominated to the treasurer position. Theresa (Samoa) declined the position of treasurer.
    • A break was taken to clarify, the treasurer having to be based near the secretariat. It was discussed to have have a board member as a signatory, to be near the secretariat. Jacque nominated by Niue's and seconded by cooks and Solomons. CNMI nomination was withdrawn
    • Solomons closed the nomination as no other member was qualified to be a signatory.

    6.6. For the position for 3 Executive member position. Each voting member was to put their top 3 candidates for the Executive members positions

    • Ann (Nauru) nominated by cooks and seconded by Niue
    • Alise (Vanuatu) nominated by Solomons and seconded Kiribati
    • Nuks (Cooks) nominated by Tonga and seconded by Tuvalu
    • Melei (Tuvalu) nominated by Niue and seconded by Nauru
    • Debra (CMNI) nominated RMI and seconded by Cooks
    • Cooks called to close and Solomons seconded it.
    • Results: Ann (Nauru) 2 votes, Ellis (Vanuatu) 4 votes, Nuks (Cooks) 6 votes, Melei (Tuvalu) 4 votes and Debra (CNMI) 5 votes. Nuks and Debra were elected as board members while another round of elections took place for Ellis (Vanuatu) and Melei (Tuvalu) given the tie. Following the second round of votes-Melei from Tuvalu was elected 3rd member to the board.

    6.7. Following the elections the following persons made up the Secretariat Committee:

    Chair: Alaipuke 'Utoikamanu (Tonga)
    Vice Chair: Inangaro Vakaafi (Nuie)
    Treasurer: jacque Koroi (Fiji)
    Board members: Nukutau P (Cooks)
    Debra Inos (CMNI)
    Melei Melei (Tuvalu)
    Incoming Chair thanked the previous executive team and encouraged the GA to move forward as one in achieving the workplan and enhancing the quality of life for young people in the region.

  11. Vote of thanks: A vote of thanks was moved on behalf of the Secretariat Committee by new Treasurer to partners: PLP Yeshe Smith, SPC Rose Maeberu, UNESCO Natalia P, Legal Advisor Ken Avare and Secretariat Coordinator Tarusila Bradburgh.
  12. Reflections of the week. The session was facilitated by Natalia P (UNESCO)
    • Info on the program should have been circulated to countries well ahead of GA for information and input from NYC's. (Sols)
    • Assembly could have been more of an assembly, but it was more on workshop type. Should have guest speakers and workshop, followed by GA proper (sols). And all the executive members should have been easily utilized.
    • Well organized despite executive committee members being busy with preparations for the Pacific Youth Festival. Meeting was very youthful and great consideration. (cooks)
    • Helpful for future conference that Procedures, laws and maps to be sent to the GA members.
    • It was noted that qualified professionals facilitated various sessions i.e. Board Training by FSPI-Lionel Gibson, Strategic Planning USP lecturer-Vivian Koster and Ken Avare for the Constitutional Reforms.
    • Attendance should have been 100%, but wasn't.
    • Group work was good, but should have swapped persons over time.
    • General Assembly to not be hosted in a hostile political climate as it may hinder discussions.
    • NYC's can try and facilitate their own funding to the next general Assembly.
  13. The GA ended with groups photos.

Pacific Youth Council Constitution

The council for territorial and national youth organisations in the Pacific shall be named the Pacific Youth Council (hereinafter called the “PYC”) in this constitution and the public and private realms in which its functions are to be performed. Read more...

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