The Pacific Youth Council is a non governmental regional organization that empowers young people to become active citizens and leaders.


We are a platform for the interests, needs and development of young people of the Pacific region.

The Pacific Youth Council Executive Board is elected at the General Assembly which is held every 3 years. The current board is made up of the following members:


  • Chair: Alaipuke 'Utoikamanu (Tonga National Youth Congress)
  • Vice Chair: Inangaro Vakaafi (Nuie National Youth Congress)
  • Treasurer: Jacque Koroi (Fiji Observer)
  • Executive Member: Nukutau Pokura (Cook Island Youth Council)
  • Executive Member: Debra Inos (Northern Marianas Observer)
  • Executive Member: Melei Melei (Tuvalu Youth Council)



Pacific Youth Council Constitution

The council for territorial and national youth organisations in the Pacific shall be named the Pacific Youth Council (hereinafter called the "PYC") in this constitution and the public and private realms in which its functions are to be performed. Read more...

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