Solomons National Youth Council

Country: Solomon Islands

Name of Applicant: Solomon Islands National Youth Congress

Contact Person: Charles de Fox

Position: General Secretary

Contact Telephone: 23911

Contact Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact Post: C/- Ministry of Women Youth and Children Affairs

PO Box G.39, Honiara. Solomon Islands.

Contact Fax: 235

Brief background/history of your National Youth Council

The Solomon Islands National Youth Congress is a Quasi-Government Organization and is registered as a Charitable Organization under the Charitable Trust Act.

It was established in 1980, through a White Paper, in Parliament

Vision, mission, aims and objectives of your NYC

Vision: This White Paper sets out the policy by which the Government hopes to encourage young people to participate more fully in the country's development.


To recognize the potentials, aspirations and expectations of all sections of young people

To define goals and set priorities for all categories of young people in line with the national development policies

To ensure that young people can and will take an active and positive part in all the nations affairs

To recognize the roles and functions of church and voluntary youth organizations

To encourage young people to participate fully with members of their communities in the social, economic, cultural, political and spiritual development of the country

To provide relevant training for youths and other members of the community in skills needed for living in their own environment

To ensure that economic development reaches out into the rural areas

To ensure that mutual understanding for purpose of good relationship in developing the rural areas is established between young people and other people of the community

To encourage young people to offer valuable services to their immediate and respective communities

To provide proper institutions and facilities for those young people who have come before the courts or are in-conflict with the society


NYC have a constitution? Yes

Office Bearers and how often are they chosen?

The SINYC has had no office bearers for some time.

What are current programmes?

Co-ordinate National Youth Stakeholders Committee and its operations, meetings and recommendations

Youth Advocacy

Youth Training

Develop provincial youth policies and action plans

What are your challenges?

Insufficient funds for programs and activities


Low capacity to deliver the services expected of the NYC

What are your plans for 2009?

Capacity building of Provincial Youth Councils

Complete Provincial Youth Policies and Action Plans

Training - Provincial Youth Co-ordinators and Provincial Youth Council Executive Members

Liaise with the Labour Division and ILO to foster the youth employment program

Co-ordinate and expand the functions of the National Youth Stakeholders Committee

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